• Smudgi Patch. Peel it! Smudgi Patch. Peel it!
  • Smudgi Patch. Stick it! Smudgi Patch. Stick it!
  • Smudgi Patch. Wipe it! Smudgi Patch. Wipe it!

Clean your screen with stylish smudgi™ microfibre cleaning products

Smudgi™ produce stylish, high quality microfibre cleaning cloths to keep your screens clean. Our product range includes our fun smudgi sticky patches and stylish smudgi smart cloths. All products are suitable for use on smartphones, tablets & iPads, laptops, gaming consoles, touch screen satellite navigation systems and even eyewear.

smudgi™ sticky patches


smudgi™ smart cloths


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smudgi Smudgi patches stick to the back of smartphones. When the screen needs a clean, simply peel off, wipe and stick back on for later use. You can use them heaps of times and even wash them!    Smudgi smart cloths are made from quality microfibre to ensure that your screens are cleaned without damaging them. Smudgi microfibre is highly absorbent, gentle on sensitive surfaces, leaves no lint or dust, long lasting and machine machine washable.

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